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Attendee/Visitor Register Here:


Exhibit Booth Staff Register Here:



1. Register online - Click here to register online

2. Fax - click here to download the Registration Form. Complete and fax to: +1 918 831 9161

3. Mail - click here to download the Registration Form. Complete and mail to:
PennWell Registration (OST), PO Box 973059, Dallas, TX 75397-3059

4. Email - click here to download the Registration Form. Complete and email to: Registration@pennwell.com

registration options and prices

Registration Options & Prices




Registration Types

Early Bird Rate*


Full Rate

Individual Conference Delegate




Exhibitor Conference Delegate




Corporate Plan (10 Delegates)




Corporate Plan (11-20 Delegates)




Student Conference Delegate




Government Agency Delegate




Single Day Conference Delegate




Exhibition Only 




Operator Partner Program (Operators Only)**
Unlimited number of Delegates




* Early Bird Deadline: September 11, 2015

**Operator Program Partners registration is checked to confirm applicant is from an approved operator in Order to qualify for discount.


Step 1: Logging into the Online Registration
1. Click on online registration - This will direct you to the login screen.

2. Login Screen-You will now be prompted to enter your email. If you have never registered for a Pennwell event, you must create a new six digit password to go with your email address. (The password can contain letters and numbers, but it must be at least six characters.)

If you have been to a Pennwell event and you know your password, enter your password and then proceed to register. If you do not remember your password, click on “Retrieve Password” and you will receive an email in a few seconds containing your password to register. You will be able to proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Your account information, Source Code and Email
1. Contact Information-If you have not previously registered for a PennWell event, this area will be blank. You will need to provide your contact details to establish a registration account. Otherwise, if your information is in the registration system, just verify that your contact details are current.
2. Source Code- Choose the source code, by clicking on the down arrow to review your choices. If you don’t have a source code from any of the event pamphlets or emails, select “Other” to proceed to the next step of registration.

3. Email- Verify the email address on record is valid so that your registration email confirmation and receipt will be received.

Step 3: Complete the registration process.

All registrations submitted online will be processed and credit cards charged immediately. Credit Cards accepted online

American Express

Payment is due upon registration submission. No exception. If you need to pay by check or wire transfer, please print a hard copy of the registration form and follow the directions for submission.

Email confirmation of your registration will be sent immediately. Please review this information for accuracy and keep the email on file until after the event. This is your receipt of payment and onsite Fast Track confirmation.

Your unique Email and Password will be used when registering for all future PennWell events.

Anyone who qualifies for complimentary registration (Conference Speakers, Committee Members, etc) will not be able to use the Online Registration Form.

For questions, please contact the registration department at 888-299-8016 or +1-918-831-9160, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. CST.

Onsite Registration**
**Fast Track Registration
: Available onsite to all pre-registered attendees and exhibitors by:
1. Presenting a copy of registration confirmation; or
2. Providing Confirmation No. or Email Address

Attendee Badge Policy
All registered attendees will be issued an Attendee Badge and badge holder, as well as the appropriate event tickets and electronic business card. Please wear your badge at all times when attending official Deep Offshore Technology functions. Badges are a security measure to identify people who have a legitimate reason to be in the conference and exhibit areas. If you are not wearing your badge, you may be asked to show proof of your registration and picture ID.

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