4 Easy Ways To Register

Registration is currently closed.

1. Register online - Coming soon.

2. Fax - Coming soon. Complete and fax to: +1 918 831 9161

3. Mail - Coming soon. Complete and mail to:
PennWell Registration (OST), PO Box 973059, Dallas, TX 75397-3059

4. Email - Coming soon. Complete and email to: Registration@pennwell.com

Registration Types & Rates

Registration is currently closed.

Coming soon.

Fast Track Registration

Available onsite to all pre-registered attendees and exhibitors by

1. Presenting a copy of registration confirmation; or
2. Providing Confirmation No. or Email Address

Attendee Badge Policy

All registered attendees will be issued an Attendee Badge and badge holder, as well as the appropriate event tickets and electronic business card. Please wear your badge at all times when attending official Deep Offshore Technology functions. Badges are a security measure to identify people who have a legitimate reason to be in the conference and exhibit areas. If you are not wearing your badge, you may be asked to show proof of your registration and picture ID.


Coming soon.

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